Game of the Day: Human Bingo

by Phil Houtz on August 17, 2010

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Human Bingo is a quick, easy icebreaker, especially if you’ve got a large group and not much time to prepare.

There are a couple of ways to play.

1) If you’ve got more than two dozen people in the group make sure you get each person’s name on a slip of paper as they enter the room. Give each person a blank bingo card and have them fill in each square with a signature from one person in the group.

Once everyone has their cards filled in, shuffle the slips of paper and call names at random. Players circle the names on their cards as they are called (names should remain legible). First person to get five circled names in a row, (down, across or diagonal) yells Bingo! and wins a valuable cash prize.

2) If the group is somewhat smaller than two dozen you can play by having various criteria on the card (ie “likes sushi” or “knows how to play piano.”) Players get people in the group to put their names next to one of the criteria that they meet. First person to get five names across, down or diagonally gets to yell Bingo! and wins a valuable cash prize.

For extra icebreaker action, have the winner introduce the people whose names contributed to the win.

Template for blank bingo card, click here (PDF).

Template for a bingo card with sample questions, click here (DOC).

[Photo by Abbey Hendrickson]

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