Dodgeball Games: People’s Ball is Dodgeball with a Twist

dodgeball court for people's ball

People’s Ball is a dodgeball variant that is full of fast action with a twist – people can play even when they are “out.”

Rules for People’s Ball Dodgeball

Start with a typical dodgeball court with center line. Two end zones are designated as prisons.

Game play starts with a ball on the center line and all players in the end zones. At the command players rush out to grab the ball. When a player gets possession of the ball all players on that person’s team must freeze in place. The other team can remain in motion.

The object of the game is to tag players on the opposite team, sending them to “prison” in the end zone behind your team. Game ends when all players on your side are in prison.

While your team is in possession of the ball you may pass the ball to another player on your team, but nobody on your team can move. Offenders are sent to prison.

Out-of-bounds balls are returned to play on the center line unless the ball goes into an end zone. Balls in the end zone are in the prisoner’s possession, who try and earn freedom by tagging out a member of the opposing team. A prisoner can also earn freedom by catching a ball thrown over the heads of the opposing team by the prisoner’s home team.

Dodgeball Variations:

Play with a yoga ball instead of “regulation dodge ball.” A fast-flying yoga ball is kind of freaky and surprisingly hard to catch. Less lethal than a kickball.

Gopher 5″ coated foam balls are fun to throw and less un-fun to get pelted with. Get six of these in play at the same time for turbo-action fun.

Utility balls are great all-purpose indoor balls that don’t create a lot of collateral damage.

Personal Note

More balls = more fun. Up to a point. And for some reason it seems to mess with the game dynamics if you use different size balls – for instance two yoga balls and two Gopher balls.

Worst ball for playing dodgeball = a tetherball. Ouch. Second worst = water polo ball.

Other dodgeball variations.

[Source: M Cox Oxford Tours / Games, an older archive that has a lot of less familiar games.]

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