Blank White Cards and Other Weird Card Games

Blank white cards are great for weird card games

Blank white cards available on Amazon

When you’ve had your fill of spoons, hearts and I doubt it, take a look at these weird card games for some fast paced card-slapping fun.

The 2008 Mentalfloss article that explains these fun games in detail doesn’t include any links, so you can check them out below.

1. GUILLOTINE – Relive the French revolution

2. GRAVE ROBBERS FROM OUTER SPACE – If Ed Wood movies were a card game

3. 1000 BLANK WHITE CARDS – Everybody makes the rules (maybe needs some boundaries)

4. KILLER BUNNIES AND THE QUEST FOR THE MAGIC CARROT – Bunnies, you just can’t trust them


5. GOTHER THAN THOU – fun with eyeliner and crying yourself to sleep


6. CHEZ GEEK – maybe too much drunkenness for a youth group game, but here’s the link

7. UNXPLODED COW – think The Hurt Locker only with cows

8. AQUARIUS – Multigenerational connect-the-elements game


9. FALLING – You’re all falling out of a plane, winner is the last to die


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