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Quick, Easy Games for Two: Toe Fencing

This is one of the more active, yet easy games for two people. For a bigger group, use a game ladder and make it a tournament. A gold-painted tennis shoe would make an awesome trophy.

How to play:

Two players face off holding hands. At the signal the goal is simple: tap the top of the other person’s foot with your two. Three taps and you’re the winner. (But if you’ve got the ropa-dope going on, like the pair above, maybe you could call a winner after a single tap.)

Extra points for epic moves.

Active Games: Cardboard Tube Combat

(Clip rated “M” for Fx gore)

Here’s a wild and crazy way for your high school guy’s small group to talk about Ephesians 6:11-18. Cardboard Tube Fighting is dorky yet fun activity that gives you hands-on-experience with helmets, swords, shields and the like.

TIPS: Get cardboard tubes from your friendly local fabric store.

Allow plenty of time for construction. Box cutters are dangerous! A small handsaw can be helpful when cutting extremely thick cardboard.

Yoga ball jousting, pictured in the video, is a lot of fun but a little rough. Get two big guys running full-tilt and somebody could take a bad bounce.

Finally, keep a video camera handy! I’d love to see your clips if you decide to try this.

[Originally published May 20, 2010]

Capture the Flag with Grenades

From The Game Gal comes this fun variation of Capture the Flag – using “flour bombs”.

You can play this a number of ways – one flag, two flags, let defenders have bombs or both sides have bombs. The great thing about flour bombs is that they are soft, don’t hurt, are far less messy than you’d think and yet have a dramatic impact when they hit.

Full instructions at The Game Gal.

Games to Play In the Dark

Now that the days are getting shorter and it’s not too cold out (at least in some parts of the country), it’s a great time to consider outside and in the dark games.

This one comes from Game Gal – Hit the Dirt is a variant of hide-and-seek where the person who’s “it” stays put and the rest of the group does all the running… while “it” has her eyes closed and counts out loud. Follow the link for the complete set of rules, it can see a lot of fun (and grass burns) from diving to the ground when “it” finishes counting.