You’re in trouble now. You’ve been asked to sub for Wednesday night youth group (right now it’s Wednesday afternoon) and you got nothing. Here are some youth group games, ministry mixers, team-building youth ministry games and youth activities to get you out of a jam.

Ice Breakers for Youth Groups

If you’ve got a big group or are combining two or more youth groups then a couple of “ice breakers” are a great way to get people interacting and getting to know each other.

Human Bingo takes a little preparation, but we have links to bingo card templates. Players are encouraged to find the person in the room who is left handed or who comes from Albuquerque.

Other Resources for Youth Ministry Icebreakers:

The Source | Mixers – Youth group-tested icebreakers and mixers

No-Preparation Games

Detective is a fun, simple game of deduction that can be played with almost any size group.

The Value of Time is a short object lesson that can be part of a bigger discussion on what’s important and how we perceive our use of time.

NOTE: We’re doing some housecleaning (as of April 30) and will have more Games in a Pinch shortly.