Games in a Pinch

You’re in trouble now. You’ve been asked to sub for Wednesday night youth group (right now it’s Wednesday afternoon) and you got nothing. Here are some youth group games, ministry mixers, team-building youth ministry games and youth activities to get you out of a jam.

Our Mission! at Mud Pie Industries is to create in-depth learning games that create rich, immersive experiences for Bible teaching. These games are still in development but we don’t want you to go away empty-handed. So we are daily adding to this list of free Bible games and free Bible teaching resources. And feel free to ask questions, post comments…we’re here to talk!

Ice Breakers
Data Processing: Create a giant computer and sort people by size, eye color, length of hair or any other criteria that you set.

Human Bingo: The more you know about the group, the better your chances!

People on Vacation: In this game everyone looks like a tourist.

Other Resources for Youth Ministry Icebreakers:

The Source | Mixers – Youth group-tested icebreakers and mixers

Games for Two
Toe Fencing: I know something you don’t know: I’m not left-footed.

Games for a Few

Signs: You’ve heard of passing the buck. This sneaky game is great for 5-20 people whenever you have some time to kill.

Wait! I Was There!: There’s nothing like tall tales around the campfire – a fun mutual storytelling game.

What’s in Your Milk?: There can be all kinds of things in your milk, from bubbles to sea horses…as long as you can say it with a straight face.

Games for a Bunch
All Aboard!: Building cooperation in a group.

Detective: No , um, kidding, Sherlock.

People’s Ball: Less time sitting on the bench.

NEW! You Go Find It: A circle game where it pays to pay attention

Games that Need Some Preparation
Cardboard Tube Combat: Who says chivalry is dead? It’s just gone stupid.

Finger Rocket Wars: It’s a craft! It’s a lesson in ballistics! It’s crazy fun!

Ice Blocking: H2O goes turbo.

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