Games on the Wild Side: Herman Miller Aeron Chair Hockey

aeron chair hockey

Aeron chair hockey in Sri Lanka | Photo Sports Today

Chair hockey is a brutal sport – maybe too much for a church youth group. Maybe not. Take five players on a team, give each player a hockey stick and a $600 office chair and go wild on any smooth surface.

Aeron Chair Hockey got its start as a way to raise funds for Special Olympics in Illinois. The rules for chair hockey are as close to actual hockey as you can have on five wheels.

Yellow Card Offences
1. No hitching – grabbing another’s chair and hang on for purpose of being pulled across court (with hands and/or stick)
2. No whip and spin – when player grabs an occupied chair and whips it around at high speed until the victim, when finally released, is too dizzy and nauseated to stay in the game
3. No gross separation – any player standing upright, sliding off the seat, or in any way vacating the chair during a game commits gross separation
4. No raised sticks – no sticks allowed to be raised above the seat pan of chairs
5. No kicking – do not use your foot to kick the plug
6. Do not hit, hook or hold an opponent’s stick with your stick.

Is your youth group game enough to try it? All you need is a smooth floor for a rink, some basic hockey equipment and some inexpensive roller chairs – unless your church has an epic budget for youth ministry.

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