What do you get when you combine the raw energy of football with the calm restraint of ultimate frisbee and the precision of basketball? The answer is…a ton of fun that can have even your usual sideliners pulling off some amazing athletic feats.

All you need is large grassy playing area, two basketball hoops (or a reasonable equivalent) and a football.

Time: 30 minutes to an hour
Number of Players: ten or more


Get the football into the basket. Score a point.


Game play takes place on a large rectangular field and starts with a coin toss. Winners of the toss can elect to “kick” or receive. The kickers can either kick or throw the ball down field.

1. The ball is moved down the field by means of forward or lateral pass.

2. When a player catches a pass she must stop in place. She can move the ball by passing to another player on her team.

3. As long as the offense remains in possession of the ball, they can continue making plays.

4. If a pass is incomplete or intercepted, possesion reverts to the other team.

5. Defense cannot double-team the person who is in possession of the ball. Defenders must stand back at least one arm’s length from the person with the ball.

6. A point is scored when the ball goes into the “basket.” Offense may assist the ball if the first throw does not score.

7. The team scoring then “kicks off” for the next round.

Set Up

Mark off the sideline and endzone boundaries with chalk, cones or similar. The field can be any large rectangular field, up to the size of a football field.

Endzones are basketball hoops if you can manage. Portable hoops are ideal. Set them at a height that provides a challenge but isn’t too tough for nonathletes.

If you don’t have basketball hoops you can use five gallon buckets or hula hoops for goals. You can also mark a section of a pole or tree with duct tape – if the ball makes contact between the tape marks, a point is scored.

If you want to incorporate the game with your lesson you might try the following:

Life Application

In Foosketball your team has the opportunity to score points as long as you remain in possession of the ball.

What do you need to possess in life in order to get ahead? What happens in life when there’s a “turnover” or you lose possession? How likely is that to happen?

Bible Application Matthew 19:16-30; Mark 10:17-31; Luke 18:18-30

The rich young ruler approached Jesus wanting to know what he needed to “get ahead” in a spiritual sense.

What was Jesus’ answer?

According to Jesus, what does it mean to “take possession of the ball?”

[Photo by Phil Houtz]

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