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Blank White Cards and Other Weird Card Games

Blank white cards are great for weird card games

Blank white cards available on Amazon

When you’ve had your fill of spoons, hearts and I doubt it, take a look at these weird card games for some fast paced card-slapping fun.

The 2008 Mentalfloss article that explains these fun games in detail doesn’t include any links, so you can check them out below.

1. GUILLOTINE – Relive the French revolution

2. GRAVE ROBBERS FROM OUTER SPACE – If Ed Wood movies were a card game

3. 1000 BLANK WHITE CARDS – Everybody makes the rules (maybe needs some boundaries)

4. KILLER BUNNIES AND THE QUEST FOR THE MAGIC CARROT – Bunnies, you just can’t trust them


5. GOTHER THAN THOU – fun with eyeliner and crying yourself to sleep


6. CHEZ GEEK – maybe too much drunkenness for a youth group game, but here’s the link

7. UNXPLODED COW – think The Hurt Locker only with cows

8. AQUARIUS – Multigenerational connect-the-elements game


9. FALLING – You’re all falling out of a plane, winner is the last to die


Board Game: Giveaway Checkers Is Fun Take on a Classic Game

giveaway checkers is a tough but fun board game

Take a classic board game, play it backwards and fun will ensue – but it can be trickier than it sounds. In Giveaway Checkers the winner is the person who loses all her pieces or can’t make a legal move.

Sometimes called Suicide Checkers or Anti-Checkers, Giveaway Checkers makes it easy to stay in the game if your goal is to avoid losing. But it’s spectacularly hard to win this board game. For one thing, it’s easy enough to avoid capturing the other player’s pieces. And then, as you clear the board, it becomes even easier to avoid being in a situation where you would be forced to capture a player’s piece.

It seems like the most successful strategy would be to do everything you can do to prevent the other person from getting “kinged.” Once the other player has a king he can burn up turns by wandering all over the board. And you can do the same.

Spot It! Fast, Furious Card Game Makes a Great Icebreaker

Here’s a fun card game that will stretch your brain. Spot It! is a deck of round playing cards covered with colorful pictures. Every card in the deck has at least one matching picture with every other card in the deck. Your challenge is to spot a picture that matches your card before anyone else. Sound easy? After one or two hands your brain is guaranteed to lock up.

The game is fast-paced and instantly gets wild. While you can’t play Spot It! very long before mental exhaustion sets in, it’s a great game to have on hand to get people to loosen up and get a little zany.