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Active Games: Cardboard Tube Combat

(Clip rated “M” for Fx gore)

Here’s a wild and crazy way for your high school guy’s small group to talk about Ephesians 6:11-18. Cardboard Tube Fighting is dorky yet fun activity that gives you hands-on-experience with helmets, swords, shields and the like.

TIPS: Get cardboard tubes from your friendly local fabric store.

Allow plenty of time for construction. Box cutters are dangerous! A small handsaw can be helpful when cutting extremely thick cardboard.

Yoga ball jousting, pictured in the video, is a lot of fun but a little rough. Get two big guys running full-tilt and somebody could take a bad bounce.

Finally, keep a video camera handy! I’d love to see your clips if you decide to try this.

[Originally published May 20, 2010]

Walk Like a Zombie – Fight Cancer at the Same Time

The Irish know how to do zombies right. Check out this video of the Dublin Zombie Walk, a fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society. This video is a crazy mashup of fun, fear and some very sobering lyrics laying out the Biblical vision of the End Times with Johnny Cash’s The Man Comes Around.

What is it about zombies that capture the imagination of our generation? It must say something about our culture that we find them so endlessly entertaining – and horrifying at the same time. Maybe there’s a little bit of zombie in each of us.

Would you have a zombie activity with your youth group? Why or why not?

[Via Dublin Community blog]

Active Games: Ice Blocking

ice blocking = fast fun

Climb on the Peace Train

If you have a nearby park with a grassy slope, ice blocking is fast summer fun. Ice blocking has been described as “luge for idiots,” however I think it’s more apt to say that luge is luge for idiots. Because it takes place on a grassy hill, ice blocking is about the safest adrenaline rush you can hope to find.

1) Buy or make your own ice blocks. If you have an empty freezer you can fill plastic tubs with water a few days ahead and make your own blocks. Use a circle of rope to make loop-handles on the sides.

2) Carry the ice to the top of the hill, place a towel on the block of ice and -wheeeeee!!!

Be sure to check ahead with the park officials. Some parks have banned ice blocking because, done excessively, it can kill the grass.

And if ordinary ice blocking is too tame for you, try adding a plywood ice block jump ramp.