Welcome to the all-new Mud Pie Games

Our aim is to curate some of the best (or most ridiculous) youth group games in order to help you get through your monthly planning meetings faster and have more time to focus on relationships with your staff and with your youth.

Why the Name “Mud Pie?”

It just so happens that there are not a lot of games mentioned in the Bible. The only person you find playing with a ball is God, and that’s a description of how he’s going to treat a wicked warlord. (Isaiah 22.18). Bummer.

But while there are not a lot of active games in scripture there is a lot of wordplay in the Bible. Lots of wordplay. In Genesis 2 we see God forming Adam out of the dust of the ground. “Adam” means “man” and it sounds a lot like the Hebrew word for dirt. The Hebrew word “formed” has the sense of squeezed or squished. In other words, God was making mud pies.

So there you have it. God is a playful creator. A craftsman. A designer. And we are his mud pies. Or if you have a particularly high view of mankind – his water pots. Which means maybe we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously. And that said…

…let’s go play!

Phil Houtz